Our Story

The Manna Foundation's board consists of people who feel there may be a better way.  Our board consist of a former full time missionary and individuals who have supported missions work by going and/or giving.  From the first hand experiences of our board members it became clear that a big impact can be made with minimal dollars.  However, many well meaning organization start out with a vision to help and end up creating an organization with too much overhead.  The cost of supporting American based staff members, office space and full time employees end up using significant dollars and resources. We feel these resources can be best utilized elsewhere. We also feel the donors have the right to know where every dollar of their donations go. 

That's why we created The Manna Foundation.  We want to provide donors an avenue where they can give and know their contribution will reach the desired place.  We will provide transparency in all that we do and will gladly show anyone where the monies of the organization go as we have nothing to hide.  We strive to help people in need and we will try to make a difference. You can see our ongoing campaigns below.


It is estimated that there are around 200,000 orphans living in the Dominican Republic.  The Dominican is considered one of the most under resourced countries in the Western Hemisphere, and as a result, these orphans live in extreme poverty.  Drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse and neglect are prevalent on the island of Hispaniola and, as a result, many children are left without parents and homes.

Having lived in the Dominican Republic since 2006, the Braisted family felt the opportunity had arisen to begin caring and providing for these children — many of whom have never experienced the proper care necessary for survival, let alone the bond of belonging to a family.

Currently Mike and Amanda are in the process of purchasing land in order to build the first Hope House Int'l casita.  To learn more or to make a donation to their project visit their website at hopehouseintl.org


The Bigarade School project was born out a relationship that was cultivated during a home-building mission trip to  Port au Prince in March 2012 following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti in January 2010.

In a meeting with the local leaders it came to our attention that in addition to housing, improving their community school and having a place of worship, was the primary concern.  At the time the school was meeting under old tarps that had been draped over bamboo poles driven into the dirt.

Fundraising efforts enabled the leaders to purchase land and materials so that a proper building could be constructed.  During a subsequent trip, a team of volunteers, along side members of the Bigarade community, a facility that now serves as both the school and church was built.

With approximately 100 children enrolled, The Bigarade School currently employs seven full time teachers.  The annual salary of a teacher is $2000. Ongoing support is needed to continue to pay their salaries.

As you can see it doesn't take huge dollars to make a big impact.  Contact us with questions or go to our Donate page to make a contribution. 




Schera Etienne is a  young man who has a heart to serve his community.  His ultimate goal is to one day be the President of Haiti.  His short term goal though is an admirable one.  That goal is to feed the children of his community.  With very little resources and income to meet his own needs he stepped out in faith and began feeding the children of his community.  

A little over a year ago, Schera identified approximately 50 children that were in need of nourishment and now he is feeding anywhere from 75-100 children on a daily basis but he needs your help.  Please go to our Donate page to see how you can help.